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Tracey's Boutique is dedicated to enhancing the lives of survivors by making them feel beautiful through compassion and assisting and recapturing their femininity and giving them the ability to feel whole again. 

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A proper fitting prosthesis and bra are very important not only for physical needs, but your emotional well-being. Wearing a properly fit bra and prosthesis will restore balance and symmetry to the body, as well as a boost of your self-confidence. 

Tracey is a trained and experienced fitter. She assess and provides support to achieve each woman’s desired post-mastectomy goals. Tracey and the Boutique are both board certified through ABC, BOC, and Medicare.

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Client Testimonial

I had such an amazing experience with Tracey and the staff at Tracey’s boutique. I was treated with care and patience the entire appointment. Tracey really knows how to make someone feel comfortable for a fitting. It was a hard enough experience to go through and I really appreciate the warm experience. Thank you!!!

Tiffany S. - Customer