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Skincare and Makeup from Tracey's Boutique

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Beauty Is Personal

That's why we aren't here to tell you what is beautiful. We are here to help you achieve your own definition of beauty. Beauty is about confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. It's about embracing and celebrating your uniqueness. We continue to embrace Merle Norman's values and fulfill her vision by offering the products and transformative experience to inspire you to find and express your best self…so you can pursue your dreams and create your own version of extraordinary.

Skin texture changes because of chemo and women may need to add a bit of color because they tend to be more sallow. Our customer service goes beyond that available at any other cosmetic counter. Beauty consultants offer makeovers and will help you experience hair loss with brow makeup. We will meet your need in a quiet, private area, not out in the open where everyone can see. We are here to help you brighten your appearance and help you feel beautiful.

When you have an appointment for fitting with Tracey, she will finish your appointment with a customized makeup session in the Merle Norman portion of the boutique.

Tracey Loves this part of her job. "When women come in, they say that they don't feel feminine anymore, they don't feel pretty." Tracey says, "When they leave after this, they are smiling. I see happy tears a lot"

Tracey Fogle at Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique Quiet and Private Fitting Room

"I could not have asked for a more compassionate experience during a very emotional and difficult time."