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Wigs from Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique

Wigs from Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique Wigs from Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique Wigs from Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique

From 'Safe Wigs' to 'New Look' Wigs

Tracey's collection of wigs varies in style, shades and lengths and Tracey keeps about 50 wigs in stock and rotates them often.

Tracey points out that high quality monofilament wigs are a great choice for anyone but ideal for women with cancer related hair loss. They are constructed to give the natural look of hair growing from the scalp. Others have lace fronts that sit on the hairline, so women can go without bangs.

"For women going through a transition from chemo, synthetic wigs are much better than human hair," Tracey believes. "Synthetics look and feel amazing, come pre-styled, are easy to maintain, and are less expensive. We get new wigs in all the time and we do special orders."

"Women should come in before they start loosing their hair and match a wig to their hair color," Tracey advises. "I call this their 'Safe Wig'. It's the one they feel good in, that's most like their style. Then I suggest a more adventurous 'fun wig' in a different color or length that would make them feel a little glamorous."

Even a pre-styled wig may need a little tune-up, because everyone's head shape is different, so wig bangs are a bit longer. We suggest that you take the wig to your stylist to have it trimmed to fit your face and your style.

"Such a welcoming and warm environment! Tracey and her team work hard to make sure needs are met! They genuinely care about their clients!"
Kayla M.